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Tie-Down Kit for FueLocker Bladders - Aviation

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Product Information

Part Number: PF-AD-*** (please see description below)

Tie-Down Kit for FueLocker Fuel Bladder

Two sizes of Tie-Down Kit are available:


For FueLocker bladders of a capacity
up to 600 Litres


For FueLocker bladders of a capacity
between 600 Litres and 1,200 Litres

Tie-Down kit featuring nylon harnesses, ratchet mechanisms, hooks & central collar :

Whilst a full FueLocker bladder will generally stay in-place, turbulance or high bank angles can force the bladder to become unstable and to slide about: With filled weights of up to 1,500kg, it can be dangerous to use a FueLocker bladder unrestrained.

ATL's FueLocker Tie-Down Kits feature a central collar (which fits around the filler stand-pipe), with (4) nylon harnesses connected to (4) hooks via (4) ratchet mechanisms.

Please note: the PF-AD-001 kit for smaller bladders features more a more compact 'Autolock' harness-length adjustment mechanism.


  • (1) Central metal collar (fits around the filler stand-pipe)

  • (4) Black nylon harnesses

  • (4) Hooks (for attaching to 'D' rings on the deck of your boat)

  • (4) Ratchet mechanisms (adjusts harness length)

Associated Parts (available separately):

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