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Non-FIA Bladders

Non-FIA Bladders
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Product Information

Non FIA-Approved Bladders

ATL manufactures far more than fuel containment bladders - if you need to store a resevoir of liquid somewhere onboard your vehicle, ATL has a solution.

Available to be manufactured to your specific dimensional and plumbing requirements, these bladders can operate as vented bladders or collapsible liners.

Drinking water, auxilliary oil and windscreen washer bladders are all possibilities

Drinks Water / Windscreen Washer Bladders

Water bladder cells have been used for driver's drinks, water spray injectors, brake cooling, oil breather catchtanks and windscreen washer fluids.


Oil Cells

Ultra-lightweight and primarily used within F1, every year ATL manufactures auxiliary oil cells for the majority of the F1 grid.



Non-FIA bladders are made to your custom specifications - contact the ATL sales team to discuss your requirements:

+44(0)1908 351700 - sales@atlltd.com