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Mar 16, 2012

New Appointments at ATL

Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd (ATL) has been a supplier of safety fuel bladder tanks to the motorsport market for over 40 years. Having exclusively supplied the entire Formula One grid for nearly two decades, ATL is now firmly established as the market leader. ATL is also fast establishing itself as a major player within the Defence sector, having being selected as the fuel system supplier to Force Protection Europe’s Foxhound LPPV, in addition to an ever-growing number of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) projects.

After 35 years at ATL - 21 of those years as Managing Director of ATL’s European arm - Steve White has announced that he will be retiring at the end of May 2012. Giles Dawson - currently ATL’s Chief Designer - will step up as Mr White’s replacement, and will become Managing Director of ATL’s European operations, reporting to founder and CEO Peter J Regna at ATL Inc.

Giles has a strong motorsport background, having worked for his father’s Dawson Auto Developments business throughout school and university. This has given him experience in a wide variety of racing series, as well as experience of working on road car projects with OEMs such as the Fiat Group. A Mechanical Engineering graduate from Oxford Brookes University, Giles joined ATL straight from university, initially working in the sales team, before moving to the drawing office and then becoming Chief Designer – a position from which he has also led the OEM and motorsport arms of the business.

As part of this restructure at ATL, Kevin Molloy remains Head of Sales and will take charge of ATL’s ever-expanding customer base within new markets such as Defence, Marine, Aerospace and Industrial. Kevin is joined by Adam Pointer, formerly of the MIA, who will take on all of ATL’s Formula One and OEM business. Adam’s contacts and deep commercial understanding of the motorsport industry will help to further develop ATL’s strong market share. As an experienced customer account handler, Darren Forder returns to ATL to head up general motorsport sales and its international agent network.

When ATL’s European base was established in 1970, it was a business of 4 employees which supplied a handful of Formula One teams with fuel bladder outer skins. Under Steve White’s leadership, ATL has grown to become a business which employs nearly 60 staff and supplies not just bladders, but complete fuel systems to every Formula One, DTM and BTCC team, virtually every OEM racing outfit and now one of the UK Ministry of Defence’s most important vehicle procurements of recent years – Force Protection Europe’s Foxhound LPPV (the replacement for the MoD’s Snatch Land Rover).

With Giles Dawson as Managing Director and an expanded sales team in place, the foundations are laid for further decades of sustainable growth – not just in motorsport, but in all the other industries in which ATL is an increasingly prominent player.

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