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Product Information

Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd is the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel safety bladders (also known as ‘Fuel Cells’) for use in motorsport, having supplied every Formula 1 team for over two decades. ATL fuel cells can be found in cars competing at all tiers of motorsport: Whether you are using a fully-bespoke bladder (as used in F1, LMP and WRC cars), or a Saver Cell from our standard range (the foremost choice among clubman competitors), you can be sure that you have a safety fuel bladder which is up-to-the-mark.

ALL of our motorsport fuel cells are FIA homologated to FT3, FT3.5 or FT5 specifications.

ATL is proud to be the sole supplier of fuel cells to the DTM and BTCC championships. ATL fuel cells are also fitted as standard by manufacturers across the world, including 100% of the GT3 cars available today.

Fuel cells are designed to collapse under high-energy impacts, absorbing energy and deflecting away from the point of impact. The FIA has established three fuel cell standards (FT3-1999, FT3.5-1999 and FT5-1999), each specifying varying degrees of puncture, tear and tensile strength. ATL has more materials homologated with the FIA than any other manufacturer, including the unique all-fuel compatible 891-B material.

ATL is also the leading supplier of all aspects of a motorsport fuel system, including internal plumbing, hardware and refuelling equipment.

ATL is proud to have been selected as the supplier of spec. fuel tanks to the following racing series: