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FIA FT5-1999 Approved Fuel Cells

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Product Information

FIA FT5-1999 Approved Fuel Cells


ATL manufactures its F1 Style fuel cells using unique duPont Kevlar fibres that are tightly woven and then impregnated and coated using a revolutionary advanced elastomer, proprietary to ATL.

With its unparalleled durability and superior strength, Kevlar is the ideal material for construction of FT5-spec. fuel cells. Whilst its incredible light weight is of great benefit to a car's performance, equally important is the exceptional flexibility that Kevlar offers ATL's FT5 fuel cells. The pliable nature of ATL's FT5 fuel cells allows for relative ease of installation and removal through remarkably small monocoque apertures.

The FIA mandates that FIA FT5-1999 approved fuel bladders are used in Formula One, GP2, Formula Renault 3.5 and Formula Nippon.

Formula One

ATL is proud to have supplied every Formula 1 team for almost 20 years.

The construction of a modern F1 cell is enormously complex, featuring numerous internal baffles and fuel collection chambers. Manufactured by hand, each fuel cell takes weeks of painstaking manual work to complete.


Every Cell is custom manufactured from ATL 818-D Lightweight and features wide-overlap seams and double-reinforced nut ring apertures and corners. Alloy or carbon composite nut rings and fittings fused onto the inner panels provide strong, leak-tight attachment points.

Fuel strategy plays a hugely important role in Grand Prix racing, with fuel levels frequently running down to the last couple of litres of fuel. ATL uses alternative lightweight fabrics to incorporate intricate internal baffle systems, which serve to keep the car's centre of gravity low and ensure a constant supply of fuel to the engine. Since 2010, baffle systems have acquired new levels of significance, as a refueling ban has meant that cars may not take-on more fuel during the race - so the fuel system plumbing arrangement must be able to scavenge every last drop of fuel.

ATL’s thin wall construction and precision geometric fit help maximise fuel volume too. ATL's unique construction techniques all modify existing fuel cells, as well as install fuel pump mounts, trap doors, hose saddle-mounts and Monocoque Breakaway Pins.

Other FT5 Racing Formulae

ATL has also supplied FT5-1999 approved fuel cells for single-seater categories including A1GP (now Auto GP) and Formula Nippon.


As with F1 cells, ATL's construction methods allow internal features such as fabric, alloy or composite internal collector systems and baffles to be integrated to aid fuel pick-up. 


FIA FT5-1999 bladders are made to your custom specifications - contact the ATL sales team to discuss your requirements:

+44(0)1908 351700 - sales@atlltd.com