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Bosch Returnless Collector System

Bosch Returnles...
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Product Information

Part Number: CL-AA-029

Bosch returnless collector system with HP pump and sock filter

Bosch returnless collector:
The complete system for internal collection for injected engines including a fabric 3.0L internal collector made from ATL's lightweight bladder material. Manufactured as a returnless system with a PRV (pressure regulator valve) housing and a bosch high pressure pump producing 200 litre/hour @ 5 bar. It is supplied with a pre-pump sock filter.

Supplied with:

  • Bosch high pressure pump: 200 litre/hour @ 5 bar - Click Here

  • (1) 74 micron sock filter - Click Here

  • (1) PRV housing - Click Here

  • Note: Pressure Regulator not included

Associated Parts (available separately):

A range of fuel pressure regulators to suit your requirements - Click here

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