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BMW M3 E36 120L Fuel Cell - DD-ZE-139

BMW M3 E36 120L...
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Product Information


Product ID: DD-ZE-139

FIA Specification: FIA / FT3-1999

ATL Material: ATL-810-C

Dimensions: Ø600 x 250mm

Based on the 70L wheel well design, an additional 50 litre "flat slab" is added to obtain extra capacity.

Fuel Cell Contains:
(1) Flush Filler Cap

(1) -6 Fuel Outlet (taken from Internal Fuel Collector)

(1) -6 Fuel Return (..Return hose routed back into Internal Fuel Collector)

(1) -6 Rollover Vent Valve

(1) ATL Fuel Level Sender Unit and

(1) Dashboard Gauge (supplied loose)

(1) Internal Fuel Collector (fitted with (3) ATL Trap Doors and (2) Guiding Vanes) for optimum fuel scavenge

(1) 6x10 Oval Access Plate Internal Foam Baffle

Optional Extras
Available in FIA/FT3.5-1999 specification (lightweight Kevlar)

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