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Product Information

Part Number:   RE-AH-002
Description: Fuel Drain (Automatic)

The ATL Fuel Drain/Transfer Pump can displace approximately 5 to 6 litres of fuel per minute, thus avoiding the need to run any internal low pressure 'wet' pumps dry which would normally cause premature failure.

The flexible discharge pipe can be directed to a remote jerry can or fuel drum to collect all of the displaced fuel.

The operation of the ATL Fuel Draing/Transfer Pump is very simple:

To use:

Insert 2 x size D batteries (not supplied) into the handle

Press the On/Off switch to the on position to Start....The Pump will stop when the button is switched to the off position.



  • Do not allow to run without liquid and avoid bending the hose to prevent choking
  • To avoid battery leaks and corrosion, remember to remove batteries when unit is not used for long periods of time
  • When transferring flammable liquids, use normal precautions and do not use near naked flames
  • When using, please keep upright as a small percentage of fuel will escape back through the ventilation exhaust


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