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Special Projects

Welcome to the Special Projects section of our website. This section provides details of some of our Case Studies and how we have delivered bespoke solutions for some very unique requirements.

ATL are constantly developing our solutions to move with the marketplace and the ever-widening use of our products sees us supporting an extremely wide range of industries.

Please browse through our Case Studies below to learn more about Special Projects which ATL has been involved with.

ATL designs and manufactures collapsible vessels, expulsion bladders, accumulators and compensators for performing many space-related functions. Collapsible Water Reservoirs (CWRs) contain and dispense ultra-pure water for space suits, Space Shuttle Spacelab experiments and ‘condensate recovery systems’. Contingency Water Containers (CWCs) have been used on the International Space Station to collect fuel cell water for critical crew supplies and also function as waste holding bladders and purification system components.

Other flexible fabrications from ATL include media bags, bellows, crystal growth chambers, surge dampers, fuel and solvent containers, inflatable structures and impact attenuators.

Contact ATL to discuss your needs for high reliability, micro-gravity flex-tanks with an ATL design engineer. In most cases, a sophisticated yet inexpensive solution can be found, using one of ATL's 100 in-house flexible-composite materials.

Special Project 1

M-Sport S2000 - from CAD to Victory in 12 Weeks!

Following disappointing results and unreliable delivery from another fuel cell supplier on a prototype unit, M-Sport approached ATL to design, develop and manufacture 25 complete fuel cell assemblies in less than 12 weeks.

Rising to the challenge, ATL delivered a prototype fuel tank within 4 weeks.


Special Project 2

Ginetta G50 - from fireball to 'not a drop spilled' within 3 weeks

Following a massive accident that saw a Ginetta G50 explode into a fireball when the remote filler hoses were severed, ATL reacted to prevent any such incident ever occurring again.

 A Safety Flapper Valve was delivered to every G50 owner within 3 weeks of the original accident.


Special Project 3

The Flying Bulls - B25 World War 2 Bomber restored to its former glory

Chocks Away !!......When The Flying Bulls undertook their annual maintenance rebuild, they found that their original B25 Bomber fuel bladder tanks had deteriorated and were leaking.

The ATL Design team answered their SOS call and manufactured a replacement set to fit within the Fuselage and Wing Bays