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FIA FT3.5-1999 Approved Fuel Cells

Whilst no FIA-regulated category mandates the use of an FT3.5 approved bladder, many customers opt for an FT3.5 fuel cell on the basis of weight-saving and improved flexibility.

ATL's FT3.5-1999 fabrics are widely used amongst our World Rally Championship (WRC), Le Mans Prototypes (LMP) and Grand Tourer (GT) customers. ATL's spec. DTM fuel cell is also manufactured from FT3.5 material.

Based on the same weave construction as ATL’s FT5 material, these revolutionary FT3.5 rubberised fabrics are also manufactured from duPont Kevlar fibres and an ATL proprietary synthetic elastomer coating. As fewer strands of Kevlar are required to achieve this specification, the result is an incredibly lightweight and highly flexible fuel bladder. These properties ensure that ATL's FT3.5 fuel cells dominate every series they are used in.

ATL's FT3.5 fuel cells can be custom made to suit your exact specification - contact the ATL sales team to discuss your requirements.

Below are some examples of our FT3.5-1999 spec. fuel cells:

World Rally Championship (WRC)

ATL can supply complete fuel systems for WRC, P-WRC, S2000 and R5 rally cars. ATL's lightweight fuel systems have been leading the way in the WRC and numerous National Championships for many years.

Le Mans Prototyope (LMP1 / 2)

ATL's FT3.5 fuel cells offer remarkable lightweight and extreme durability - making them a popular choice for endurance racing.

This is demonstrated at the Le Mans 24 hour race every year, where more than half of the grid regularly chooses to run with ATL fuel systems. ATL's unique construction methods also allow internal baffle systems to be constructed which help ensure optimum fuel scavange - critical in the closing laps of any endurance race. In 2012, ATL achieved a podium lock-out in the LMP2 class at Le Mans - click here to read the news article.


FIA FT3.5-1999 bladders are made to your custom specifications - contact the ATL sales team to discuss your requirements:

+44(0)1908 351700 - sales@atlltd.com