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FIA FT3-1999 Approved Fuel Cells

FIA FT3-1999 is the most commonly used fuel cell specification within motorsport.

Manufactured from ballistic Nylon (as opposed to Kevlar), ATL's 810-C material is coated with a synthetic elastomer withich is proprietary to ATL. This is the lowest-cost of the range of fuel cell materials, yet still exhibits light weight, high strength, high flexibility and is remarkably rugged

For applications where further weight saving or additional flexibility is required, ATL can offer cells manufactured from a Kevlar/Aramid-based 826-A material. Super-light, ultra-thin (0.7mm), yet very tough, this material carries full FIA FT3-1999 approval and infact exceeds the minimum standards of this specification by some margin. Fuel Cells made from 826-A material offer greater fuel capacity within the same size container (compared to 810-C), are easier to install through small access apertures.

ATL's FT3 fuel cells can be custom made to suit your exact specification - contact the ATL sales team to discuss your requirements.

Circuit Racing

ATL's design and manufacturing process means that virtually any shape and size of fuel cell is achievable. ATL's advanced FT3-1999 approved cells have found uses in thousands of applications, including Formula Ford, BTCC, WTCC, Ginettas to name but a few. The British Touring Car Championship's (BTCC) Next Generation Touring Car (NGTC) uses a spec. FIA FT3 fuel cell.

A range of 'Standard' Fuel cells can be found in the navigation pane on the left of this page, but the supply of custom bladders is a daily occurence, meaning that literally thousands of templates are kept on-file. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Rally / Rally Raid (including Paris-Dakar)

ATL is proud to count more than 10 Paris-Dakar Rally Raid victories among its successes as a motorsport supplier. ATL manufactures a standard range of Rally Raid cells in 200L, 300L and 400L capacities. If one of these 'off the shelf' solutions does not meet your requirements, ATL can custom manufacture Paris-Dakar style fuel cells to any size/shape/baffle configuartion required.

A standard range of fuel cells to suit common rally cars (Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution) is available, but custom designs can be manufactured too.



ATL's fuel cells can be manufactured into complex shapes that are often found in historic race cars and can be designed for a precision geometric fit into existing fuel tanks to maintain the cars original appearance.


ATL fully sympathises with historic owners'  desires to keep their car looking as original as possible, and regularly goes to great lengths to accomodate customer requirements. A historic 'look' easliy belies a fully 21st Century fuel cell installation!

FIA FT3-1999 bladders are made to your custom specifications - contact the ATL sales team to discuss your requirements:

+44(0)1908 351700 - sales@atlltd.com