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Fuel Cells


ATL produce a wide variety of racing cells which meet or exceed the FIA standards to which they have been designed. The fuel cells designed and produced by ATL meet and exceed the safety specifications to which they are designed and offer performance gains through weight saving and fuel system optimisation. ATL fuel cells truly are world leading and can be found in all forms of motor racing across the globe.



Fuel cells from a standard range, varying in capacity from 10 litres to 170 litres. All cells meet or exceed the FIA FT3 specification and are a popular choice amongst club racing competitors. ATL also provide the aluminium containers necessary to house the Saver Cells in order to meet the racing regulations.




ATL can design and manufacture Custom Shaped Saver Cells which exceed FIA FT3-1999 specification. ATL's manufacturing capabilities and cost control mean that this safe FIA approved solution is available from relatively low volumes of production.







ATL can provide stock fuel cells created for many makes and models of vehicle including for Rally, GT or Saloon car. Vehicles such as Subaru Impreza or Mitsubishi Lancer rally cars, Porsche 911 and BMW E46 race cars are catered for plus many more. Please contact our Technical Sales Department to see if your vehicle is already on our extensive list of stock fuel cells.





ATL will design and manufacture a custom fuel cell to a required specification for any application. Custom designs can be a one-off model or for a mass production run as required. With an initial brief and sizing information the ATL design team will provide everything you need to make the process fast and easy, whilst utilising decades of ATL knowledge and experience.





ATL provide Super Cells to meet FIA FT3 and FT3.5 specifications. Super Cells are lightweight fuel cells which, like our Saver Cells are housed in an aluminium container. Both specifications (100 Series - FT3 / 200 Series - FT3.5) range from 30 litres to 100 litres.





The ATL Rallye Raid cells are large capacity fuel cells designed specifically for rallye raids and endurance events. The cells are FIA FT3 specification and are available in 200, 300 or 400 litre capacities.






The ATL 'D' cell has a fabric construction and is designed for lightness. The cells exceed FIA FT3 specification and can be installed in almost any wheel well.