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Aluminium & Stainless Steel Fuel Tanks for Defence Vehicles

 Traditionally, ATL has been a specialist in the fabrication of fuel bladders from flexible composite materials. However, the demands of its Motorsport customer-base has meant that, over the decades, ATL has built-up a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of sophisticated plumbing systems, used in the harshest of environments - resulting in countless WRC and Paris-Dakar victories. ATL can therefore justifiably refer to itself as a specialist in 'Fluid Handling Systems'.

It was precisely this reputation that led Ricardo / Force Protection Europe / General Dynamics Land Systems to approach ATL when it came to designing and supplying the complete fuel system for the UK MoD's SNATCH Land Rover replacement vehicle - the Foxhound LPPV (Light Protected Patrol Vehicle).


The Foxhound LPPV features two stainless steel diesel tanks – a main undercarriage tank and a ‘get me home’ reserve tank. ATL rose to the challenge and has supplied all prototype fuel tanks and hundreds of production fuel tanks for the vehicle.

Lessons learned from this project are ready to be applied to other potential defence customers and have already been fed back into the motorsport side of the business.

Defence Vehicle fuel tanks are manufactured to your specific requirements -
Please contact the ATL Sales Team with your requirements