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Flexible Fuel Bladders for Defence Vehicles

ATL has designed and manufactured flexible fuel bladders for several confidential land-vehicle defence projects.

In some cases, the use of fuel cells can offer distinct benefits over rigid metal tanks:

  • If mounted out-board of the main chassis (i.e. ie on the sides of the vehicle) a fuel tank can be at risk of damage from glancing blows against walls, trees or other obstacles. Such incidents risk fracturing a metal tank, but a bladder would absorb the impact and live to fight another day.
  • In the event of serious damage, a flexible fuel cell can generally be repaired and re-used, whereas a metal tank would require replacement.
  • If a fuel cell does need to be replaced, the flexible nature of a bladder means that considerably less vehicle disassembly is required to remove the bladder and re-install a new one.
  • If additional fuel capacity is required in a vehicle and new fuel tanks must be retrofitted, the use of a metal tank presents serious limitations upon where the fuel tank can be fitted and the capacity that it can hold. The use of a fuel bladder allows for all sorts of unusually-shaped cavities to be used for fuel storage - such as storage lockers or ammunition bays.

ATL Defence Vehicle Fuel Cells are made to your exact specifications -
Please contact the ATL Sales Team with your requirements.