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Defence & Security

ATL is increasingly recognised as a leading supplier to the Defence sector - having been selected as the fuel system supplier to General Dynamics’ ‘Foxhound LPPV’, which was developed in the UK by its Land Systems Division - Force Protection Europe. This ‘Light Protected Patrol Vehicle’ represents one of the UK MOD’s most significant vehicle procurements of recent years, and ATL is proud to have designed, developed, tested and supplied all prototype and production fuel tanks for this groundbreaking vehicle.

The Foxhound LPPV features two stainless steel diesel tanks steel tanks (as opposed to flexible bladders). ATL’s experience with the plumbing of sophisticated fuel systems has enabled it to contribute valuable expertise to the Foxhound project. Experience gained in this field has also fed back into other areas of the business, and has led to benefits for customers in all of the markets that ATL serves.

ATL has supplied flexible bladders as well as stainless steel, aluminium and rotationally moulded plastic tanks into the European defence and security market over the past 10 years, with our client-base continuing to grow week-on-week.

Internationally, ATL has also been involved in the supply of fuel systems and fuel bladders to several other confidential land-based defence vehicle projects and to an ever-growing number of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) projects.

In addition, ATL is a specialist in the manufacture of ballistic self-sealing fuel tanks, pillow-style bulk-storage bladders, fuel-spill containment berms, and a whole host of other products relevant to the defence industry – contact us to test our capabilities!

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