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UAV Fuel Cells

Building on ATL's reputation in motorsport for high durability and light weight, ATL has developed several ultra-lightweight monfilament materials for use in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

ATL's flexible composite materials span the range from 'super-light' (0.25 mm thickness), to 'crashworthy' (1.02mm thickness) and then to a 'self-sealing' (2.16 mm thickness) self-sealing type.

The key properties of ATL's UAV Fuel Cell design and manufacturing capabilities are:

  • Available in virtually any size or geometry
  • Fully collapsible for easy installation/removal
  • Low fuel diffusion rate; can surpass Mil-DTL-6396F
  • Immune to shock, impact, vibration, launching, retrieval and hard landings
  • Operates at altitudes of up to 60,000 ft.
  • Operates within a temperature range of -50°C (-60°F) to 95°C (200°F)
  • Safety foam baffling for anti-slosh and explosion mitigation

ATL UAV fuel cells can be resistant to the following fuels:

  • Aviation Fuels: Avgas, Mogas, JP4, 5, 8, 10; Jet A, B; Kerosene
  • Standard Fuels: Bio-Ethanol E10, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Butanol B10 and Bio-Jet
  • Specialist Rocket/Missile Fuels: hydrogen peroxide, hydrazine, Otto Fuel II, HAN fuel, JP-7, methanol, nitromethane, propane, butane
  • NOTE - specialist UAV refueling equipment also available

ATL has become a global leader in the manufacture of UAV fuel bladders - see some examples of our work below:


UAV Fuel Cells are made to your custom specifications - contact the ATL sales team to discuss your requirements:

+44(0)1908 351700 - sales@atlltd.com